Eggy In A Basket

Cheers to ~ (via V) for the inspiration.

Eggy In A Basket 1

Eggy In A Basket 2

Eggy In A Basket 3


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7 Responses to Eggy In A Basket

  1. A G

    That looks like something my mum used to make when i was a youngun. I so have to make that tonight – the ultimate comfort food.

  2. teigan

    Yummy, novel, proteintastic, and symbolically resonant to boot.
    Mmm, eggy in a basket.

  3. Is that breakfast? Because it looks like some sort of a breakfast meal.
    But then why would you have salad for breakfast?
    Or is it only the British who refuse to eat anything that’s not sugar or meat for breakfast?

  4. teigan

    It was last night’s dinner. But it could have been brunch. Hell, it could have been breakfast.
    You can do things like eating salad for breakfast when you are an artist. It’s a great occupation in that regard

  5. (Not-so) Mighty Mite

    Looks pretty darned tasty.
    What did you do with the round bits? Wear them?

  6. teigan

    I fed them to my housemate under the table.

  7. CNWB

    My Dad used to cook these on the barbecue when I was a kid. He called it “egg-in-bread”. He was an imaginative man, my Dad.

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