How To Become A Cult Leader

Adam already posted this, but because it’s genius and because I can see that you’re special, dear reader, I wanted to share it with you personally. In my opinion, you deserve no less.

No, there’s no need to thank me. You’re doing all the work. Yes, you are. Yes, you are. Yes, you are. You’re special. You’re special. I love you. I love you. Kill your parents. Kill your teachers. Kill your so-called friends. Kill yourself. You don’t really exist anyway. Deep down you know it’s true. That is all.

(PS You’re special.)


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8 Responses to How To Become A Cult Leader

  1. A G

    but. but…
    you’ve already been a cult leader.
    Surely once was enough.
    Uh oh. You’re going to send your minions after me now, aren’t you?

  2. teigan

    I’ve never been a truly autonomous cult leader. I became a cult leader by hijacking someone else‘s cult. Well, by being given someone else’s cult. Or so I was led to believe…
    And then he destroyed us both (ie my version of the cult, and me).
    Occupational hazard.
    What I need to do now is start my own cult. If I haven’t secretly already.
    Except now I’ve posted this – which, for all its cynicism, is a truly excellent beginner’s guide to the artform – everyone will be able to tell what I’m up to.
    Why would I do that? Unless I’m not really a cult leader or an aspiring cult leader at all.
    That must be the answer. Nothing to see here folks. Minions? What minions? Et cetera.
    (But watch the video, it’s educational and fun! Kinda like Sesame Street for psychopaths.)

  3. (But watch the video, it’s educational and fun! Kinda like Sesame Street for psychopaths.)
    You know, I’d like to see a Muppet created called ‘The Leader.’ I think it’d be a hit.

  4. teigan

    That idea works so well – fuck knows why, but it does – I’m almost surprised that it hasn’t already been done.

  5. A G

    in an almmost spookily freakish coincidence, look what the net served up literally seconds after i read your latest comments:

  6. teigan

    Freaky! And very true. Only a complete moron would fall for this flaky ‘mind control’ gubbins.
    You, dear reader, have nothing to fear.
    Unless, y’know, you’re a complete moron. Are you a complete moron?
    No, didn’t think so.

  7. This is twice in one week that we’ve posted the same thing.
    RAW and Mind Control.

  8. teigan

    More spookiness.
    Actually it was kind of a swap, weren’t it – I scooped you on RAW becoming dead, which you subsequently picked up. Then I stole paid homage to your posting of the Mind Control video.
    We have similar interests and we share stuff; that’s why our marriage is a success.

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