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Relax, Everything’s Going To Be Fine

Li has started blogging again.

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Spring = Sprung

Official fact. Doesn’t quite feel like it yet, but it’s unquestionably getting there.

So, Em came to visit from Sydney a few weeks ago. Hadn’t seen her in almost exactly a year. It was excellent. Here’s a picture of us her, and me in half-eaten pizza form at Bimbo:

We shared three pizzas. She was hungry.

Amongst other things, we talked blogs. She pointed out that my F$%book accounts have pretty much completely supplanted the more here-is-the-newsy kind of role my blog used to play back in the day, and told me she’d blog more if I did. Which seemed like a good deal, especially since I’m finally starting to feel kind of over F&#b!@k.

She also opined that TF should go back to being more writerly and less overwhelmingly audiocentric. Quoth TAFKALJ, concordantly: “TOO MUCH AUDIO”.

I dunno. The blog has to do what it wants!!! *stamps foot petulantly on behalf of blog* It can’t be forced, let alone by the audioantipathetic whims of sundry ex-girlfriends. Well, it probably can up to a point. But it shouldn’t be. That said, I think Em made a strong case.

Blog bloggety blog.

We’ll see what happens.


How was your winter? Mine was harsh. Although I’ve certainly had worse. And yeah – it’s over now.

Which is good.

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Happy Fifth Birthday, Blog :)


(Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously.)


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After Going-Away Cocktails

At CH late last week with Kav (lurking), Petts, and the artist henceforward known as Lady GrimGrim. (Whose birthday it is today, incidentally. Happy birthday!)

Post-cocktails @ CH

Okay, I’m off to Thailand. 🙂


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The DP I Audio Is Finally Up


All of V*cw*e’s parts have been edited out – which is a shame IMHO, coz they’re golden. But so it goes.

(She got kind of shitty at me about the whole thing, which was a bit upsetting. This is the first time anyone’s ever gotten pissy at me over blog audio. There’s an interesting post in all of this. But methinks it’s a story for another time.)

In happier news: I found out on Tuesday that, against all expectations, I got into art school.

Wo0t!1! etc


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Happy New Tenth!!! [*]

([*] Trope courtesy of D. Soybean.)

So, my 2010 has pretty much rocked so far. How’s ’bout yours!!!?

I think my epic backlog-killing spree (mostly effected down the NSW coast, where I spent an actually not at all unpleasant festive perenium with Toots and the parentals) exhausted me a bit, blogwise. Maybe that will change; maybe not. We’ll find out!!!

Yeah, my parents have been in the country, which doesn’t happen very often. They went home yesterday, after five days here in teh Melbourne. Ergo, amongst other things, I’ve lately been eating out a lot and experiencing a generally higher material standard of living than that to which I’m accustomed. It’s all been very nice!!!

I set a prospective date today for DP III, which is Friday, February 12th – although I haven’t told the prospective invitees directly yet, coz I’m still figuring out exactly who they are!!!

The audio from both DP I and the SRC Xmas Post-Party is being held back pending the resolution of some content (in the former case) and clearance (in the latter) issues, but I’ll post an update when it’s finally up!!!

What else? Oh, yeah – I’m going to Thailand for ten days in two weeks!!!

To this end, I was vaccinated against Swine Flu (amongst other things) the other day and consequently, I think, came down with a very minor case of Swine Flu. But I recovered!!!

And I think that’s pretty much all for now!!!

Here, randomly, is a picture of A, DA, G and myself at Prudence last night, playing the Trivial Pursuit Toots gave me for Christmas:

AF won. After that they closed the beer garden, and we went upstairs & ordered a stupid amount of pizza. LIG.


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Twisty Paper Piles

Aborted blog/art project FTW!

It was an alright idea. But it was just getting me down. Fuck that.

I quite liked the prospect of keeping it going until I got promoted to a team leader and taken off the phones, which I aspire to do. And then going, “Damn. There goes my project. Ah well, *shrugs*.”

But seeing as how I still seem terminally incapable of turning up to work on time, that may never happen. I’m thinking of killing myself*.

[*] NB Not really**.

[**] Well, not seriously.

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Happy Fourth Birthday, Blog




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Abort Abort etc

Red light at The Pinnacle

(Previously; etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.)


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New Notebook / Thursday Night

Notebook 1

Notebook 2

Notebook 4

Notebook 5


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In Other News

It’s true.

Melbourne’s public transport ticket inspectors really are Nazis.

Quelle surprise.

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Interlude: Return Of Soybean

She’s back. Again.

Nothing will ever be the same.

(NB The extent to which nothing is or is not ever the same in your specific experiential sphere may vary in accordance with a range of factors – some known, some unknown; some known to be unknown, others unknown as unknown. The degree of liability expressed or implied by the above statement can be estimated at approximately one [1] wad of NADA. Hooray for everything.)

(Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously.)


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Interlude: Damn.

I wish it’d occurred to me to record some audio at the Chez Hagakure Post-Mushie-Hunt Impromtu Dinner Party on Saturday night.

But not with J; she doesn’t want to be bitch #6. It’s a not-liking-the-number-six thing.

Any volunteers?


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Chez Hagakure G&T Sock Swap

With Liv.

Sock Swap 1

Sock Swap 2

(Previously; previously.)


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Chez Hagakure Tea & Pizza Shapes Meet

Starring this chick.

Tea, Pizza Shapes & DF

(Previously; previously; previously; previously; previously; elsewhere.)


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