Interlude: Return Of Soybean

She’s back. Again.

Nothing will ever be the same.

(NB The extent to which nothing is or is not ever the same in your specific experiential sphere may vary in accordance with a range of factors – some known, some unknown; some known to be unknown, others unknown as unknown. The degree of liability expressed or implied by the above statement can be estimated at approximately one [1] wad of NADA. Hooray for everything.)

(Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously.)


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10 Responses to Interlude: Return Of Soybean

  1. Nada

    Tis good to be back in the real worlds.

  2. teigan

    Happy birthday 🙂

  3. teigan

    My cat? Yes, she’s sitting next to me on my bed right now.

  4. Nada

    >Happy birthday 🙂
    Thank you! On my birthday, I slept and got my license. Weeee!
    Aah, NadaZero! How is she, anyway?
    >Hey, remember Nada?
    It has been awhile. Bring back your blog, plzkthxbye?

  5. teigan

    [Thank you! On my birthday, I slept and got my license. Weeee!]
    Yay! I almost got my license a few months ago. Then I ran out of money and had to stop taking lessons. Deep down I think I don’t really want to get it.
    [Aah, NadaZero! How is she, anyway?]
    She is well enough. Although she has turned from a shy but highly affectionate kitten into a rather scheming & coldhearted cat. I blame the three housemates I’ve had since I got her; warped individuals one and all. My current one just threatened to kill her.
    [Bring back your blog, plzkthxbye?]
    I hope he will listen to you.

  6. You two are so impatient. I must have had the ‘net back for like 4 days and already it’s “Bring back the blog”.
    But okay, I will.

  7. teigan

    I have been saying “bring back the blog” for donkey’s ears.
    But YAY!!
    Now Nada must join Facebook. Then everything will be perfect.

  8. teigan

    Nada the human, that is.
    Nada the cat got with the program ages ago.

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