I Want To Marry M2M

Yes, both of them.

Housewarming went OFF, btw. But that’s hardly news.

UPDATE: What is news is that it went OFF so much it’s been determined we need another, smaller one this Saturday to contain the fallout. There will be cigars, apparently. (And a Shisha! N – of K & N fame – totally gave me a Shisha for no particular reason. LFN!)


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15 Responses to I Want To Marry M2M

  1. Gab

    Oh God, now I remember these two! I’d been racking my brains. Meh, they bore me.

  2. teigan

    Sorry toots, it’s all over.
    *changes FB relationship status*

  3. Li

    Dude. Seriously.
    Seriously, dude.
    I couldn’t make your last party due to a bucks night i had to attend and now you have another and I can’t go cos the wedding that contains the groom whose bucks it was is on that night.
    Seriously dude, what is it with you and dates.
    Are we really no longer friends? Is this how it ends? Deep down i knew it was going to end. I knew when i first felt the passion and electricity the first time we met. When i felt it i thought to myself, this bliss is only going to end. It almost caused me to stay away from you after our first adventures together. I’m so afraid of endings.
    But I thought, maybe it won’t happen. Maybe this time…THIS DAMN TIME the world will smile at me and everything will be okay. Then you start pulling this shit and i’m reminded that the forces that pull us all apart from love are real, and powerfull.
    “…and after all, you [were] my wonderwaaall”

  4. teigan

    I love you.
    Sorry, that just kinda slipped out.
    Desci can’t do it either. Boyfriend’s birthday or some shit.

  5. Anonymous

    Your penchant for bland girl pop has always baffled me.
    It must be because they’re cute? I can understand that, I suppose.

  6. wortwut

    Me, I’m owning up to that comment.

  7. teigan

    [Your penchant for bland girl pop has always baffled me.]
    It has, hasn’t it. I suspect the key to your bafflement lies in your use of the word ‘bland’. You think M2M are bland. You Simply Do Not Understand. None so blind etc.

  8. teigan

    Of course they’re cute. This is necessary, but tangential.
    You didn’t understand B*Witched in 1999, you don’t understand M2M now.
    Maybe you will never understand.
    That’s okay. No, really. I feel a little sorry for you, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.

  9. Gab

    So someone is backing me up on the girl group thing. This is good to see- thanks Emma.
    (Teigs, you have no idea what musical skeletons hang in my closet… Just you wait)

  10. teigan

    It’s not so much a backing-up as a concordance of incomprehension.

  11. Gab

    you say potato…

  12. teigan

    I do.
    Let’s call the whole thing off, ay.

  13. weez gunna get crunk and rock out n’ shit… Woot!

  14. ~

    yes, yes we did.
    once again… genuflect pikers.

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