My Housewarming = Tonight

It is going to go OFF.

Here is a picture that this chick posted on my wall, which I like very much:

As you can see, it depicts a longhaired cat sitting atop a moog or some such against a background of stars and bares the motto: “Astro Cat will play for you the Symphony of Space.”

Like William Carlos Williams’ red wheelbarrow, it is what it is.

No more, and no less.


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11 Responses to My Housewarming = Tonight

  1. Alas, it shall go off without me. Need hermit time after mother-in-hospital shenanigans yesterday, and a very busy week coming up. Next time, Gadget, NEXT TIME.

  2. ~

    truly is genuflect pikers to the awesome power of… MIAOW!

  3. ~

    central meme propogation unit, sez cease communication and depart… to the empire
    they sold out to disney but still angry

  4. teigan


  5. Gab

    I am at a loss as to explain how this party went off without my presence. Maybe it was my phone call that helped. Because, as we know, Astro Cat only plays for me and parties without me wither and die.

  6. teigan

    Actually, this is not true at all. Astro Cat is totally equal opportunity and shit. But it was triffic to have you there briefly in disembodied form.

  7. teigan

    [Astro Cat is totally equal opportunity and shit.]
    It occurs to me now that this is nothing but a projection. I cannot speak to the nature of Astro Cat. Astro Cat is Astro Cat. Astro Cat will play for you the Symphony of Space. To say any more would be vain folly.

  8. Gab

    Disembodied is the only way to be. You should try it.

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