At long freaking last.

In the meantime, my two primary gmail accounts, my Facebook account and my TypePad (blog) account were hacked & rendered inaccessible. Oy.

I’ve managed to resecure the blog account, at least, thanks to a friendly cookie which recognised my machine. Bless that cookie. No damage appears to have been inflicted. The only evidence of intrusion is that the answer to my secret security question (“What is your mother’s maiden name?”) has changed from “Symington” to “whore”.

Charmed, I’m sure.


Here – nested all meta-style – is an earlier entry I scrawled freehand on Tuesday, and was planning to post at the ‘ternet caff that evening but couldn’t, because I’d been hacked:


Is the word of the week. As in “Man, I got munted on Saturday night.” And I did. I really did.

At 10pm I was summoned by Wouters to a party in the Brunswick area. I was only going to stay out for two hours or so on account of: (a) I was supposed to be working the following day –

(In other news: I started working at the doodle palace again last week; it’s been almost as much of a shock to my system as Rainbow. But in a significantly less good way.)

– and (b) I didn’t actually know the person who’s party it was or anyone else who was going to be there. Or so I thought..

As it turned out.. ah, it’s quite a funny story, but it’s also a bit complex and at least four of my five remaining readers basically know it already.

Suffice to say a munting good time was had, this being only improved – and further enmunted – by the semi-random appearance of none other than the mysterious and extraordinary Thad at an advanced stage of the evening. (Update 8 Feb: I’ve encountered him twice more since then. I think he’s stalking me. Or someone I know. But I don’t mind at all.)

I didn’t make it to work. I’m not sure how I made it home. I’m really not.

In other muntedness news, I’m having a party tomorrow night. It’s going to be pretty good. If you are reading this and you know my street address, you can come.


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4 Responses to Reputered.

  1. deadsoybean

    Nada is coming to your party!
    No she’s not…. But you almost thought I was, right?!

  2. teigan

    OMG it’s Awad!
    OMG the house is a MESS!

  3. teigan

    The real Nada, which is to say my cat, actually ran away around midnight because she found the whole thing so discombobulating. But she’s back now.
    How are you, Awad? Write me.
    But don’t write to me at, it’s been hacked.

  4. Gab

    so this is the famous post about my party! And I didn’t even get a mention. 😛
    That was such a wonderful night. I’ll let you know now that we shall be munted again on Saturday, in the park opposite my apartment. Oh yes. But it will have to an experience shared by us only – all other goods will be consumed by the masses on Thursday night.

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