Being An Isolated Recluse May Seem Pretty Sweet, But It Has Its Drawbacks Redux

In other flashback to June 2005 news, the stable contact I eventually acquired thanks to this post flaked out on me about six weeks ago.

And if I don’t get some fucking weed soon, I may well go quite demented.

It could be entertaining, I guess. See it as a form of reader participation. Help a desperate man out (nb and earn his eternal gratitude) … or don’t.

Choose your own Teigan’s Blog adventure!

Update: Sorted.


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14 Responses to Being An Isolated Recluse May Seem Pretty Sweet, But It Has Its Drawbacks Redux

  1. deadsoybean

    Demented like your thumb!
    And this is why… you should become your own dealer! Don’t just stop at getting weed, get your own weed plant.
    Then, make a million o’ these.

  2. teigan

    Sounds like a plan.. that I already have, actually. I’ve a garden and some (potentially) quite good seeds.
    All I need now is Summer. (Bring it on, I’m ready etc.) At this rate I may be too demented for botany by then however.
    >Then, make a million o’ these.
    Thanks, that was.. tormenting

  3. deadsoybean

    You know what’s even more tormenting? Being in rehab and coming back and seeing a vid of your drug buddies smoking a 1/4lb joint… That vid I linked to was only 13g. GAH!
    I had 6 seeds and I got 2males and a female. Yeah, that was dissapointing, but I got 3lbs out of her. Yeah… I think it’s all… gone 🙁

  4. deadsoybean

    Oh yeah, and get drug buddies, grow during different seasons… or… just grow a shitload of seeds in all seasons………….it’s an endless supply of happiness…

  5. teigan

    Holy crap, Soybean. Whatever happened to “drug free is the way to be”? I think ceasing to believe in God has corrupted you.
    Gladdens my heart.

  6. deadsoybean

    Drug free is the way to be? That was only an act! I’ve been doing drugs since I was eight!

  7. teigan

    Illegal ones? The mind boggles at the depths of depravity you may one day plumb, m’dear. If you’ve not already.
    Would you like to join H419? They’ve a vacancy coming up. Just fill in this simple application.

  8. deadsoybean

    I’ve tried alot, but my main drug was heroin. Some crazy guy injected me for about two years when I was eight and I’ve been on it since. Some silly people out there…
    The only thing rehab got me off of was coke. Ok, this is getting weird.
    I think that H419 is waaay to cool for me. Heres my application anyway.

    You Are 84% Evil

    You’re the most evil person you know.
    The devil is even a little scared of you!
  9. post a number or somthing i think i live just around the corner from u.

  10. wortwut

    I can only offer an indeterminate bag of white powder. Someone is going to have to test it one day …

  11. teigan

    I think you should be buried with it
    To me it is a potent symbol of the ambiguity inherent in not only life, but also death
    It’s all good though
    Thanks again Mr de Koan
    You are the man

  12. 1) Wortwut. I have been the guinea pig for many a bag of white powder and am quite willing to help you in that area. It’s all how it tastes on the tongue.
    2) Teigan. Single Guy. 30. 6’2″. GSOH. Seeks small bag of bush weed for fun times.

  13. teigan

    Can’t promise bushies, I’m afraid – but talk to me in a couple days; fun times may well be on the cards.

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