A Solitary Cupboard Is All Very Well

But one tires of it.

Which is partly why I am moving next month, to the house in Fitzroy I was minding for a period last year.

Moving boxes

I’m excited!


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5 Responses to A Solitary Cupboard Is All Very Well

  1. lady j

    i dunno — those look like black market moving boxes to me.
    who did you have to kill in your building to get them?

  2. You’re right J, only the shadiest of business men deal in ‘Sealed Air’

  3. That’s what I’m saying, man!

  4. Air does not seal itself. It is a legit business. Sealent and pumping alone are heavy overhead. Not to mention storage, sealed air takes a lot of space.
    I think this is a clever cover story.
    Last month we have Teigan meticulously cleaning his apartment and now he is moving on…
    Who did you Kill, Teigan?
    Why have we not heard from Grimsby in months?
    I probably should not be saying this in a blog comment.
    I think that the wedding should prove to be a sufficient allibi as long as your family sticks to it.
    Imagine how messy it must have been…the white suit slowly transforming to a red suit.

  5. I moved my office this week….
    Worth a Download? Is this the next step in NeuroCommunity?

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