Houseplant Clings Valiantly

Healthy plant

I’ve had this plant all year. It’s been doing pretty badly lately, having lost its favoured window position to my new poinsettia.

It almost died in the new year heatwave. I thought that it had died.

Heatstruck plant

But I watered it experimentally yesterday, and it perked right up.

Recovering plant

I think I’m deriving sadistic pleasure from sustaining it on the brink of death.

The poinsettia is doing well.

Poinsettia closeup


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5 Responses to Houseplant Clings Valiantly

  1. With skills like that, the U S Army has a job opening they’d like you to consider

  2. yikes — no kidding.
    my houseplants just die from my absentminded neglect.
    you … you… you TORTURE yours.
    sick fuck.

  3. My goshling, you’re even nastier to your plants than I am! That poor critter embodies a cry for help. The only flora I keep these days are my cactii, Alfie and Octavius K. Douston III. Although, I am not quite as mean-spirited as yourself when it comes to the unsuspecting plant life, I don’t exactly have a good track record.

  4. Congrats on keeping it on the brink. Unless, every so often, you stare at it and, through tears, scream ‘WHY WON’T YOU LOVE MEEEE?’ like I do with Tentative Edvard, my bonsai.

  5. Hopefully the background radiation from the microwave it sits on will help it mutate into an intelligent plant that can get up and water itself. Problem solved.

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