You Know What I Hate?

People who behave in ways which create the impression they think you – that’s the generic ‘you’, not you personally – are an idiot, but who are too pissweak to tell you so explicitly to your face, causing unnecessary paranoia.

These people can die. Any of you reading this: you can die. Don’t come here anymore. Understood? Good.

This whole being-nice-to-people-you-don’t-like thing is just bullshit. I get so fed up with it. I have been guilty myself on occasion of course, but only when social convention dictated that I really didn’t have a choice. (Or because I wanted something out of the person. Which is allowed.)


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  1. I have been contested many times for my bluntness on some days. I am usually very happy and give people I dislike another chance with me, but other times it is different and this is my favourite example.
    Girl: Adam! Hello, how have you been!?
    Me: Hello, um… I don’t really like you… so…
    Girl: Oh.
    It was everything I had to keep a straight face and not start giggling. This would have ruined the emotionless loser image.
    Oh by the way, I couldn’t think of a better word to use than “contested” in the first sentence there… So it doesn’t really make any sense.

  2. ???
    wft, babycakes? who crapped in yer playpen this week?

  3. Adam: I’ll have to stash that one in my back pocket whilst I wait for an opportune moment to bust it out upon some unsuspecting soul…

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