Poverty Bites

(A Whinge)

My iPod is broken again. It won’t play when I press play and it keeps hanging. Worse, this time it was definitely my fault. (I dropped it last week, and then it got a bit wet on Friday.) So I’ll have to pay. Which means it probably won’t be getting fixed for a wee while.

No iPod makes Homer something something.

Meanwhile, I still need a new keyboard. And I owe the #$@& tax office $60. And look, my chronic fare evasion finally caught up with me:

Ticket Infringement Notice

$154. Ouch. That’s this wayward commuter told.

I will be too poor to acknowledge Christmas at this rate. No cards for anyone! I can’t be having with such festive frivolities.

Prospective wealthy benefactors: we should talk.


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11 Responses to Poverty Bites

  1. Yikes, man. As long as it’s still under warranty, you should be able to initiate a request for service on the Apple website, and I believe that it’s a “no questions asked” kind of thing.
    Remember… the customer is always right. 😉
    BTW, I owe you mail. Music has taken over my life again recently… and that has it’s upsides and downsides.

  2. Getting a fine stinks, but you probably still come out ahead. Figure if you spend about $5 a day to buy a ticket, if you get nicked once a month, you break even. I like to think that every day beyond that month, it’s like they’re paying ME to ride!

  3. Fridays are such evil days.

  4. It has to be said:
    That’s what you get for buying a fricken ipod.
    Pieces of crap.
    (Of course, the dropping soaking treating it like crap part doesn’t help. But you knew that. 😉

  5. I was assured the other day that iPods are so mainstream and that sony mp3 walkmen are the way forward.
    I have taken to carrying an accoustic guitar though. Make your own entertainment you techno-whore.

  6. I feel bad for calling you a techno-whore.

  7. Mr Blackmoore:
    >As long as it’s still under warranty, you should be able to
    >initiate a request for service on the Apple website,
    I did that before. Not under warranty anymore though, heartrendingly.
    Seriously! It’s a disaster! You wouldn’t believe the extent to which I’ve become dependent my iPod these last few months. I feel like half a person without it. It’s making me terribly unhappy.
    >I like to think that every day beyond that month, it’s like
    >they’re paying ME to ride!
    Good way to look at it. Or, you know, I could just get a bike..
    >I feel bad for calling you a techno-whore.
    Not at all. It’s true. I’m a techno whore. A techno whore with sod all money. Very sad and frustrating thing to be.

  8. I dunno.. I can see the value of these proposals, all of them.
    But I would feel like such a hippy riding a bike and playing an acoustic around town.

  9. And if you ever crashed your bike whist playing your acoustic guitar, you’d probably get hurt and break your guitar… and maybe your bike.
    Then you’d be hurt with no iPOD, no guitar, and maybe no bike.
    That’s no way to go through life. 😉

  10. Sell your NCI files on Lulu.com
    I bet you could pay for your fines…
    These are rich college kids who shell out $80.00 for books…
    They have $100.00 for your secret files…
    Not that I am going to pay. I will sell what I have. It just takes an initiate to understand what I have… : (
    They will fire you of course…but that is just a matter of time…

  11. I might wait until then, just to be on the safe side. But thanks as always for your totally, like, excellent advice.

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