Wedding Invitation

Wedding invite front

My sister’s wedding is on the 17th of December. I’m getting used to the idea but it still seems kind of weird. My sister can’t get married; she’s just a kid [*], it’s ridiculous. She and her nordic beau make a lovely couple though.

Wedding invite inside

I will always remember when she phoned to tell me about this, back in April – I was sat on a chaise lounge at a bar on Alexandra St in a mask, surrounded by other masked strangers, mostly playing chess with each other. The first person I told was 2ript (now in exciting new package), who I had never met in person before. Naturally at the time I didn’t even know who he was.

[*] She is 26 years old; your mileage may vary.


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6 Responses to Wedding Invitation

  1. What are the pics on the front of invite? It looks like homeless people on park benches, but that can’t be right.
    Is it?!

  2. I would have suspected that it’s the happy couple… but I suppose homeless people is possible.
    Hurray for weddings, by the way.

  3. Congrats to you and yours!
    You should get the party going with a nice game of Fortitude. 😉

  4. It’s the happy couple.
    Fortitude? It’s a lawn game I suppose. But there’s probably a bit more paddling involved than might be entirely safe.

  5. Love the pics. And my god, tasteful invites are like porn to me. Mmmm.
    But what’s with the comma? Please, come at 11. It reminds me of that pause they use on things like ads for Austrlian Pensioner’s Insurance Agency. Hee.

  6. Ah well, one of them is dyslexic, the other is Swedish – they didn’t do too badly.

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