Sometimes I Grow Quite Weary

Well, I do.

More recent search hits:

  • “fuck you by wesley willis”
  • fuck the ato
  • “neurocam surrealism”

(How did this wind up in my referrers?)

Jobs I would rather have:

That reminds me; I have to go to work. I’m half an hour late!

I hate my life.

There will be no new post until Jo pulls her finger out. Go hassle her.


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4 Responses to Sometimes I Grow Quite Weary

  1. Reading in the news papers about professional suicide bombers made me think… what makes them professional? Did they get paid after they died? Have they commited suicide several times before and become quite pro at it?

  2. I’ve seen that phrase as well and been kind of bemused by it, hence the remark.
    I guess it means they get paid whilst training to a fairly high level of suicide bombing compentence. And of course they get paid after they die, with eternal salvation.

  3. pulls her finger out?

  4. It means “gets off her ass”, as in “… and sends me the pic which will be appearing in the next post.”

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