Could This Innocent-Looking Neurotoddler…


… be none other than notorious master of disguise, Robert Henley?

Or this unfortunate character…


…encountered suspended from an electricity pole outside this otherwise unexceptional north Melbourne train station?

Henley's train station?

What about this guy?

On 17/7/05, Robin Hely wrote:
> That damned Henley! He would sell his own Gran for a buck….

When he’s not too busy putting on exhibitions called “Who Is Robin Hely?”, maybe.

And then there’s this. Retrocam goodness! (UPDATE – Or not. Trust me: it was good while it lasted..)

PS I am curious as to who went through my entire archive earlier this evening, looking at pretty much all the comments back to April. Was it you?


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4 Responses to Could This Innocent-Looking Neurotoddler…

  1. I say you’re all 3 pictures.

  2. I’d say the second pictre… definately Henley. You can tell because of the welding mask.

  3. Indeed – why else would he need to conceal his identity so thoroughly?

  4. Probably wasn’t me.

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