Magnus the iPod Mini

My silver iPod mini (codename: Magnus) had been misbehaving; the battery wouldn’t hold a charge for longer than 20 minutes. But it was a gift purchased at Cash Converters and I didn’t have a receipt for it. Still don’t.

I was a little concerned about this, but I need not have been.

I simply went to the appropriate page on the Apple website, gave them my serial number, filled out a short multiple choice test description of the problem, and with no futher questions asked, by some miracle of internet/real-world crossover technology, a new (well, refurbished) one arrived via the analog postal service today, a week later.


Now I have to post my broken one back to them and they will refurbish it and send it to someone else. I have this warm, glowing sensation; I’m really a part of something.

Hooray for Apple, the large corporation it’s sort of okay not to despise.

Erroneous power adapter

(Subsequent to actually opening said package: it transpires that Steve & co. have, in fact, sent me a refurbished power adapter, which is of no use at all. Hmph.)

In other happy news, Ms Fits has acknowledged my existence. I feel a bewildering array of emotions. Of course this is a joyous occasion and a vindication of many years of struggle but I am somewhat plagued by a sense of unworthiness.

Also: what am I to do with the rest of my life?


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6 Responses to iPod

  1. Simon Moon

    I hate the iPod. Love live the Nomad Zen!

  2. You need an aim for your life?
    Let’s start a secret cult! … Email me… [shifty eyes]

  3. Simon – long before the iPod made mp3 players ubiquitous, I looked into getting a Nomad. And a Rio. Neither would talk to a Mac.
    Cat – Yeah.. a secret cult.. there’s an idea.. I’m not already involved in one of those at all..

  4. Do absoluely nothing for the rest of your life. Know how hard it is to do absolute nothing for even half-an hour? Well what an achievement it would be to do it for your entire life! And I mean absolutely nothing.

  5. And the best part is it means you would need a retinue of servants just to feed and bathe you.

  6. Failing that World domination always passes the time.

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