Someone asked me what my ambitions were the other day. I can’t remember what I told them, but I should have said:

  1. To work in a streetcorner newsbooth.
  2. To become a cult leader by rising to the front ranks of Neurocam and then either taking it over, or creating a sizeable splinter group.
  3. To write a novel, which I am doing in November.
  4. To make an album, provisionally entitled “Everyone’s Too Stupid”, which I will do next year when I have more time.
  5. To study for and obtain a degree in Creative Arts from Melbourne’s premier university, guaranteeing me a colourful and lucrative subsequent career as a Creative Artist.
  6. To finish reading “The Magus” by John Fowles, and then to ritually burn it.
  7. To have fun and not care about people.
  8. To be beautiful.
  9. To be loved.

Other things I want:


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10 Responses to Ambitions

  1. To get a region free DVD player:
    google the # @ the front (eg, LG 3-250, or SONY 122-445, etc) and the word ‘hack’, or ‘crack’
    see the steps. Enjoy!
    It’s pretty much like finding an easter egg in a program. Mine was, like, ‘press menu twice, then key in the first 4 digits of pi, then press setup’.
    now, word of warning: a friend told me this is only a temporary fix, and in some cases it’ll stop working/wreck the player after a while, but i strongly, strongly doubt it. mine’s been fine for about 8 months now, and Boyfriend’s for even longer. 😉

  2. Teigan, you how can you be expect to be loved if you don’t care about people?
    P.s. I’ll do the midi drum tracks on your album if you’re planning something crazily electronic.

  3. Desci – thanks for the tip. Alas my only DVD player at present is my computer.
    Adam – A question which intruigues me. I dunno, but I’m sure it’s possible, for I have seen it done. Thanks for your offer. We shall see.

  4. Aphex'sTwin

    Do you make demo’s, or music for them, Desci?

  5. Do you really have the heart to inflict your emotionless self on a poor girl who only wishes the best for you?
    I think you care about people. I think you care about your fuzzy dog friend too.

  6. Li

    “Alas my only DVD player at present is my computer.”
    Easy, download dvd region free 5.88. it should be on most p2p progs. I think I got it from emule.

  7. I feel like a cad invalidating all these kind suggestions from people (who I aspire not care about) but fact is my DVD playing computer is a Mac.
    I can actually use it to watch foreign-coded DVDs although the only way on earth I can do this is to rip them first.
    What I really want is to be able to watch DVDs.. from all nations.. on my TV. How wonderful that would be.
    Cat – what I really meant of course is that I don’t want to care what people think, or allow people to prevent me from doing the things I want to do.
    I would be prepared to care what someone thought if I believed they truly loved me.
    But no one will ever love me, so that’s all pie in the sky really.

  8. I care about Sam because he is too stupid to judge me unkindly.

  9. I’m really a simple man. All I could ever ask for is One hundred million dollars.

  10. I’d settle for that. I could buy a streetcorner newsbooth for that. And a Creative Arts degree, probably. And all the other things that I want.
    But who realistically is going to give me a hundred million dollars?
    Can’t be pinning all my hopes on that scenario.

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