It’s Really Quite Sad And I Probably Shouldn’t Admit This

But, you know, my heart actually sinks when I get home from work to find that in ten hours no one has sent me email or left comments.

Work harder people.

(Or should I work harder not to care? Answers on a postcard..)

What do we think about this local Cam get-together idea? Several parties have been independently expressing enthusiasm for such a prospect.

Where would be good to do it at? I’m thinking somewhere reasonably central and reasonably conducive to conversation. I am a relative newcomer to Melbourne and notoriously reclusive, so someone else will have to think of a venue, coz I just have no idea.

P.S. I can’t be sure, of course, but I could have sworn I saw the mysterious Xul Solar 23 this morning at Spencer Street Station. Seriously.


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15 Responses to It’s Really Quite Sad And I Probably Shouldn’t Admit This

  1. I recommend London… it’s not that far.

  2. Well, it is quite central. But you have to factor in that you live in Norwich, wheras I and all the people I am talking to live in Melbourne.

  3. Yeah but you can’t fly to Norwich and London isn’t very far from here at all. Probably about 1cm on most maps.
    However, it’s nearly on the total opposite site of the world from Melbourne…

  4. Okay… maybe it wasn’t such a great idea after all..
    Come on! Tript, JoJo, Xade, Li, Reanimator? Where are y’all? Rorschach? American Guy? Random Voodoo? Aphex (you still around?)? Any other non-blogging Melbourne ops who read this blog (I know there are at least a couple)?
    *wind howls, etc*

  5. Li

    Hey, I’ve already put my name down.
    Tript, JoJo, Xade, Rorschach, American Guy, Random Voodoo, Aphex – bunch of pussies if you ask me.

  6. A bunch of pussies is what y’all are.
    Yay, Li. But the question was where?
    I went to this quite nice place on Brunswick Street the other night. Forget what it was called but it was spacious, reasonably quiet, very chilled, they had pool tables and retro video games and stuff. It might be good. I shall have to take note of its name when I pass by in about five minutes.

  7. I myself think somewhere noisy would be cooler.
    Bimbo on Brunny for example. It has $5 pizza and cheap beers.
    Then again, if you want quiet, I heard you were house-sitting? Can someone say wine stains on the carpet and broken vases?
    Other suggestions may be:
    The Gin Palace (although not spacious),
    Cookie (thai food and lotsa drink),
    Bennets Lane (Jazzy)
    The Night Cat (jazzier and noisier)
    Prudence Bar (we can wear masks again!)
    I’m tired, that’s all I got.
    Oh, and I’m a pussy ;o)

  8. >Can someone say wine stains on the carpet and broken vases?
    Pay attention! I had this idea already and was very taken with it. Sadly my sister can indeed say winestains on the carpet and broken vases, and she said no to them. I was gutted.
    Checking up on Reanimator, he suggested this place e:fiftyfive on Elizabeth street, which is also an internet cafe – very appropriate.
    The place on Brunswick I was at was.. damn I’ve forgotten the name again. It was not as cool as Bimbo. I don’t think I’d even be cool enough to get through the door there.
    You have to factor that we’re not all as cool as you, Steven.

  9. I’m in.
    I reckon Tript should pick the spot, as he seems to know all the funky places. Of course, he’d probably end up getting kidnapped on the way…

  10. Tript is probably quite unique amongst Neurocam operatives in that he actually has a life, however sordid and depraved.
    I agree – Tript, you decide. But I think spacious and quiet would both be good. We needs must be able to gossip.
    Prudence is nice, but it’s been done.

  11. Ok, first of all, you are all cooler than me, you always have been, all along, all you had to do was click your heels three times and chant something.
    Depraved is the key word.
    This is too much pressure for me, what if I pick a place and don’t turn up? well thats just silly.
    colaboration is the way!
    ideas people!
    I got to places where its too loud to hear, it ups your odds at not being a doofus.

  12. There is that, there is that.

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