Dissatisfied with being a virtual recluse?

Well, get out more. So sayeth the Reani-man, pragmatically enough, and sound advice it is too.

(Actually I’m not a virtual recluse; many of my online personas are the quite social butterflies..)

I had lunch today at Lentil As Anything, a funny little vegan cafe on Blessington Street with an appealingly unpretentious boho vibe and an innovative “pay whatever the fuck you feel like” pricing policy. Here is someone else blogging about it in a manner which captures the tone quite nicely.

Lentil Burger
I had a lentil burger with satay sauce (and a lasse), and paid $15

Last night I was going to go a talk by photographer Bill Henson (not to be confused with the late Jim Henson), who is good, at the Ian Potter Centre (the NGV‘s secondary premises at Federation Square, housing Australian art – which, shamefully, I only discovered existed last week whilst executing Neurocam Assignment 5555/01). They are currently hosting a major Henson retrospective.

Unfortunately I missed the talk because I got on the wrong tram. Stupid wrong tram.

This weekend I’m making another flying visit to Canberra; my folks are throwing a farewell party before upping stakes to Switzerland. My previous visit – see archive – was a bit of a downer and I’m not particularly looking forward to it, but I will at least get to hang with my beloved baby sister, who is travelling all the way from the far reaches of darkest Queensland for the occasion.

My baby sister, M
You know why the lemmings fly from high terrain..


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3 Responses to Dissatisfied with being a virtual recluse?

  1. Don’t get me wrong… that looks like a REALLY good burger… but FIFTEEN BUCKS FOR A BURGER MADE OF LENTILS?!?!
    Forgive my exchange rate ignorance, but is that a good deal or did you work yourself over?

  2. Well, it might have been a bit overgenerous, but
    (a) Yes, Australian $ are worth less than US ones;
    (b) It was really good;
    (c) I had a lasse too;
    (d) They would have been content to accept $5 and I felt like rewarding them for it.

  3. *smile* I gotcha. As I said, I know nothing of the exchange rates… it’s been years since I went to Austrailia as a child, and I wasn’t paying. 😉
    That DOES look like a damn good burger though. I dig their pricing practice, though I HIGHLY doubt people would be as good as you were here in the States.

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