Things I Did In Canberra (Part 5)


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More Japanese food

On Tuesday I had lunch with Mum in Woden, and then frustratingly failed to meet up with the most excellent T – he of the advising me to learn to drive – due to his being unexpectedly detained at work. But he’ll be in Melbourne in two weeks; hopefully we can do it then.


E came round to see me off on Tuesday arvo. Then Dad gave me a lift to the airport and I went.. home, ie back to Melbourne, aka here. When I walked in the door of my place in St Kilda, I had this really quite pleasing sense of arriving home. It was nice. I unpacked, made some dinner, did the washing up, watched The Bill, transferred photos from my camera.

Went to bed feeling cozy and nice.


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  1. Li

    Usually when I hear mention of Canberra, it’s in relation to either hard core porn, fireworks or government. I’ve always enjoyed the congruence of that trifecta!

  2. The tendency of journalists to refer to ‘Canberra’ when they actually mean ‘federal parliament’ has ensured that most people associate it exclusively with government. When I tell people I come from Canberra, they often seem quite surprised by the realisation that people actually live there.

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