Fuck The ATO

With absolutely impeccable timing, the Tax Office has decided that I owe them $300. From 2003. With interest.

Fuck The ATO

I hope they die.


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4 Responses to Fuck The ATO

  1. Elle Freight

    I hate the ato so much they are closing down a business for a small tax debt. I hope they all open mail that contains anthrax….. especially Joanne Ding and John Devaney mother fucker assholes.

  2. FucktheATO

    I second all these notions. ATO are money hungry cunts who take more than they deserve and lord it over the little guy with laws and regulations that are designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

  3. Alza

    Most of the staff at the ATO are nothing more than a bunch of heartless uneducated donkeys!
    Most of these lazy cows couldn’t get a job in the real world!
    And to that clown Wayne Swan, rather than go back years looking for loose change out of every last little guy, why don’t you clean up the taxation department and sack half of these overpaid under worked bums?

  4. anon tax hater

    The ATO is heartless and is now sitting on top of my hate list. Our salaries pay tax each time, yet the ATO will always find a way to make me pay more, deadline due on my birthday, absolutely heartless. I sympathise small businsseses. The ATO penalty rates and interest charges are huge, and there is no justification on how they they pluck out these figures. I do agree the idea about the tax system, but the ATO complicates it and picking on mainly average or middle income earners which are the majority of australians to pay more while the rich get richer, and the poor will always be poor.

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