Some Pictures

Here’s a picture of a stuffed toy chicken I found abandoned at the foot of a lamppost on Chapel St at lunchtime on Monday on my way to C$#trelink to finalize my Austudy claim.

Street Art on Chapel St (Chicken)

We’d been assigned by Raz the painting teacher to find various things on in the region of the campus; in my case the best reasonably-priced coffee and my favourite piece of street art.

By conventional standards an abandoned stuffed toy chicken isn’t really street art. But it was the best piece of street art I saw by my estimation.

Here’s a picture of the DVD accompanying Carfax’s handmade thing, which I made on Monday 21st and finalised on Sunday night:

Carfax DVD

I can’t post pictures of the actual handmade thing – or Nada’s – because they haven’t been received yet. Maybe I will after they have been. Maybe not. Etc.

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