Interlude: Damn.

I wish it’d occurred to me to record some audio at the Chez Hagakure Post-Mushie-Hunt Impromtu Dinner Party on Saturday night.

But not with J; she doesn’t want to be bitch #6. It’s a not-liking-the-number-six thing.

Any volunteers?


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13 Responses to Interlude: Damn.

  1. Gab

    Once again, I think I deserve my own audio. I don’t like sharing with Em. She smells.

  2. teigan

    You smell!
    We could do that, I guess. But it wouldn’t resolve The Issue afaic: we need a bitch #6.

  3. teigan

    Sal would be a break in the pattern, since I don’t know her very well. But I’m all about teh experimentation. She’s welcome to be B#6 if she wants.

  4. Gab

    Methinks you’ve run out of bitches then.

  5. teigan

    Why, has she said she doesn’t want?
    Anyroad, I haven’t run out. Plenty more bitches in the kennel. I’m just a bit stumped RN.
    Possibly the Major; she hasn’t been round in a few months. Might be Time. Hmm.

  6. wortwut

    I smell … of lavender and sunny days? I guess that is a tough vibe to share with.

  7. Adam

    wish i was a bitch.

  8. Adam

    wish i was a bitch.

  9. Adam

    Check out that double-comment action!
    Now triple-comment, of course. That’s a lot of comment.

  10. teigan

    It is all good, Ads. I have left bitches behind. It is all about the bastards now.
    You may be Bastard no 2 if you wish. We can totes do it on Skype. You will need to choose a beverage and a time.
    Will you dare???

  11. Adam

    My beverage of choice will be the second cheapest canned lager that Tescos can provide. (Cheapest is just far too cheap, i’m one notch higher)
    As for the time… The 10 hour difference might mean that I’m going to be drinking in the middle of the morning. Best make it a weekend.

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