It’s A Bloggy Soap Opera; Deal With It


[Teh Gabster]
Today at 9:10am

Your status update sound news-full.


Today at 9:25am

So I post on her wall, right, saying thanks for a delightful afternoon (which it undoubtedly was, methinks, for all concerned) and reminding her to text me her new mobile no – which she was totally going to give me in person, but we just forgot about it.

That afternoon I get a text: “Don’t know if this will go thru, but if it does plz 2 no drunken late night texts, tay? :)”

(A few months ago, before she hacked my ass, but was very actively in the process of grinding the pieces of my shattered heart into the ground and treating me – with little or no sane justification – like the spawn of satan, there was a certain amount of angsty late-night drunken text messagery action on my part.)

Taking this in my stride, I replied: “OMG, the cheek!! I can make no promises. But tell you what – I will let you into my house, where my computer lives, without any fear of disastrous consequences and my mother being called a whore to boot, tay?! 😛 !! (<3)"

This was met with silence. I don’t think she realised her message was a joke.

Crazy woman.

I still like her, though.


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6 Responses to It’s A Bloggy Soap Opera; Deal With It

  1. Teh Gabster

    *looks alarmed*
    I wonder what will come of this!

  2. teigan

    Please stay tuna for the next exciting episode. Or, y’know, not. We shall see what we shall see.

  3. heh — i like how you posted the edited version of yr reply. thus, of course, rendering my subsequent reply partially unintelligible to the average reader (had ye deemed to post it).
    in other news, the tape i’m currently capturing features baby kangaroos. as did my dinner monday night. mmmm, roos.
    rock on, evans. maybe i’ll start drunk-texting YOU at 4 am.

  4. teigan

    Totally called me on my (deliberately planted, and as such effectively liability neutral by my calculations) liability! I idly wondered whether you would do that in some form.
    Roo is nice, ay. It’s gamey, but nice. They’re cute but a plague, yanno. LFN.
    rock on, evans. maybe i’ll start drunk-texting YOU at 4 am.
    Cheers toots. Et toi. You may consider yourself very welcome to do so should the inclination strike.

  5. Gab

    Edited? Interesting. Most interesting.

  6. teigan

    Always hold something back; that’s my motto.
    Actually, that’s a lie. My motto is “four fifths”.

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