I Met Jesus On Christmas Eve

At an impromptu picnic on a hillside next to the Myer Music Bowl. Seriously.

He said his name was ‘Gerling’, but his true identity was unmistakeable.

Christmas Eve hill

Myer Music Bowl

Gerling in repose

Gerling having a mystical experience



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2 Responses to I Met Jesus On Christmas Eve

  1. AG

    That ‘fireworks’ quote would work well as the title of an anthology of short fiction

  2. teigan

    It also works well as an Integrated Philosophy Of Life.
    Try it yourself: Next time you go to the toilet remind yourself that, somewhere in the world, fireworks are going off right now.
    Know that on some ineffable quantum level this is much more than the meaningless coincidence it appears on the shallow surface of things.
    Appreciate if you will for just a moment the miraculous nature of existence.
    And give praise to Gerling.

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