It’s Time For A New Post

Today is the first day of spring. Happy spring!

My housemate of the past eleven months is moving out on Monday. Au revior, Jaye. My previous housemate Bentendo moved out around this time last year.

Time, eh.

Now I need a new one. But first the bathroom has to be renovated. The bath is sinking and tiles keep falling out of the wall. It’s no good.

What else? Um, I’ve been selected for jury duty, which is weird. I didn’t even realise we had jury duty in this country. I guess they have to get jurors from somewhere.



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  1. AG

    i may be crazy, but i’ve always wanted to sit on a jury. the one time i got called up i ended up being sent home without being put on a trial. too bad.

  2. Haha, jury duty. Don’t envy you that.
    I guess they have to get jurors from somewhere.
    True enough, but I’d assume it’s kind of like traffic accidents or an STD, in that people just don’t expect that it’s going to be them that gets hit with it.
    Really like the word montage, btw. It’s got a lot going for it. Until now, it had never occurred to me that aspiration starts with a snake. Reminded of scenes from the bible and Antony and Cleopatra. Especially intrigued by the fact that, of all the many and various terms there, independence has the most shaded area around it.
    Best of luck with the bathroom-renovating and housemate-hunting!

  3. OMFG, you just received instruction in your comments on debt management including links to tax on the stupid (aka lottery) website. Random. Also predatory and despicable, but their appearance here is quite random.

  4. j

    i may be crazy, but i’ve always wanted to sit on a jury.
    me too!

  5. Li

    I did jury duty a few years ago for a an attempted murder trial. It was pretty darn cool, but what was way cooler was being out at night with friends and saying, sorry guys, better head home, gotta be in court first thing in the morning. It helps if you start to carry a briefcase with you.
    I found deliberating to be quite interesting. Out of the 12 of us, i would say half the people didn’t give a fuck and just sat there trying not to draw attention to themselves, lest they have to put fourth an opinion.
    I took the role of Socrates, addressing the Athenians. Probably shouldn’t have worn that robe on the 8th day though.

  6. Heh!
    Hope I get put on an exciting criminal trial like an attempted murder and not some pissy civil dispute.
    I hope I get death threats.
    I’ve been stalked a couple of times, but I’ve never had a proper death threat before.

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