My Audacity Has Paid Off

I am delighted to announce that on the strength of my genius, I have been invited by the legendary Nada Awad to displace her sister as the second full-time member of Are You Hungry.

I would also like to announce that we will be embarking on a major European tour next month on the back of our award-winning and critically acclaimed quintuple platinum forthcoming album “Chicken Has Gonorrhea”.

It’s true! I really would like to announce that.


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8 Responses to My Audacity Has Paid Off

  1. I’m a bit jealous. But I take comfort in that I think she stole the name from my unsuccessful electro career named Are You Sleeping?
    Seriously, you can myspace that number.
    I was never good at electric music.

  2. teigan

    >I’m a bit jealous.
    And rightly so.
    >Seriously, you can myspace that number.
    I’ll do so tomorrow, when it’s no longer Dollar Pot Tuesday. Then I will tell you. Then you will be informed.
    I will inform you.
    Don’t inform us; we’ll inform you etc.

  3. teigan

    I had a preprepared post to deliver after the Death In The Afternoon post, which was scheduled for tomorrow or Thursday (probably Thursday).
    Should I deliver it now? I shall decide.
    You might influence my decision to some degree if you act NOW.
    It’s important that you exert whatever influence you might possess NOW.

  4. jo

    * johana
    * Rorschach
    * Semi
    * Dirty Kant”

  5. teigan

    What have you contributed?! You have contributed nothing!!

  6. teigan

    Oh, I see – you are telling me that you have joined the roster of Semi’s blog.
    Is this supposed to make me jealous in some way? Is that the point?
    Why on Earth would I be jealous of you? Are you in a band with Nada Awad? I don’t think so.

  7. Yeah but I got a fridge in my garage.

  8. teigan

    Hey, I was talking to Jo. I am quite jealous of you. I don’t even have a garage.
    No garage! I have to park my car in the living room.
    At least I would do, if I had a car.
    No car! I have to walk and catch the tram and shit.
    It’s terrible, Ads.
    It is terrible.

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