It’s My Blog And I’ll Break My Own Self-Imposed Vow Of Silence Occasionally If I Want To

I blame you, Carfax. Just let it lie, whycantcha?


I recently had cause to send someone a link to my Neurocam Perception Assessment. It is two years old this month.

Rereading it was quite the life-is-strange moment. Many syncronicities and other peculiarities emerged. I even bag out Vanstone in it at one point. Actually, that’s not particularly strange. But the whole thing was funny.

Life is funny. Time flies. Other cliches.

That’s all, I guess.

But on a related note: since, surprisingly, no one else has picked this one up (as far as I’m aware) I suppose it falls to me to ask – does this dastardly unidentified voyeuristic spycam shoe bandit sound suspiciously like anyone we know?

And with that I must away, dear readers, for now I have an important date with the Green Faerie Jellybean.

Good evening.


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5 Responses to It’s My Blog And I’ll Break My Own Self-Imposed Vow Of Silence Occasionally If I Want To

  1. Toe camera… clever.
    Nice report by the way, it looks as if no one ever really read it. I certainly never did, until now. I can see why they liked you.

  2. teigan

    Some people read it. I lost all the comments on that blog, for some reason which I forget. I don’t know if I ever got any comments on that particular one originally. But some people read it. This much I know.
    >I can see why they liked you.
    I’m not sure if this is a compliment or a snark. But thank you for saying it was nice. Some people we know might disagree.

  3. It wasn’t a compliment or a snark, it was just a statement. Y’know, because you could say that Neurocam liked you. Y’know? For a while, at least.

  4. teigan

    The way I see it there’s really two entities in play here – Hely & Neurocam.
    I liked Neurocam and Neurocam liked me. We were great for each other, and we got along great.
    Hely liked me because he mistook me for a sucker – which up to a point I was, I suppose. That was the point at which he stopped liking me.
    Hely was not Neurocam.

  5. (Not-so) Mighty Mite

    > Hely was not Neurocam.
    Much as he might’ve liked to think otherwise?
    I admit that things still aren’t as clear as I might once have liked them to be.
    Nowadays I’m not so bothered. Interesting to look back, but no real inclination to repeat the whole experience.
    You’ll have to forgive my slowness – I don’t check back on my reading links very often.

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