Visual art II


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  1. j

    just in time for the world tour!
    excellent, excellent …

  2. With a good lookin’ album like that, you’re signed already.

  3. The Mishukis are already signed with Hagakure Enterprises. They are a real media company, with an ABN and everything.
    We have made some recordings, we have a record sleeve, we have groupies. We are going on a world tour.
    Now all we need is a myspace page. And then we will be, like, a real band.

  4. ~

    one step closer, i have to say i admire your commitment.
    also i finaly have irrefutable PROOF of doctrow’s… words escape me… click on the blue stuff.

  5. Thanks for your encouraging words. Your exhausting obsession with fanatically hating Corey Doctrow will be indulged for just that one comment on the back of said remarks.
    But just keep a leash on it, k?! Save it for your blog. (Or, y’know, don’t, even)

  6. Crispin Black

    We never talk anymore.

  7. Are you the person who impersonated Adam, too?
    The real Crispin Black is dead.

  8. ...

    Crispin isn’t dead. Hasn’t he just taken time off to post pictures of Lady J?

  9. Oooh you’re really messing with my head now!!!!
    If only this were true
    Mr Black is dead. I should know; I killed him.

  10. I had no idea Hagakure Enterprises was based in QLD.
    You learn something new every day.

  11. Are we? I didn’t know that. It’s possible; our base of operations moves around in response to circumstances.
    We certainly aren’t really based in Tokyo, though. Not at all.

  12. Apparently.
    Of course, with a shady operation that obviously isn’t based in Tokyo, there’s just no telling.

  13. That’s Hagakure Pty Ltd
    They’re a subsiduary of ours
    For misdirection reasons, Hagakure Enterprises itself is not registered as a company
    But I say too much..

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