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One of my oldest living friends – which is not to say that he’s really old, just that most of my friends dating from his era of my life have either died or I’m not friends with them any more – now has a blog.

He’s really good; I consider him a top-quality friend. If I were you, I would definitely give some serious consideration to the very real option of reading his blog.

It’s fun and it’s free, just like the Scientology personality test. Except even better, because your chances of being seduced into joining a dodgy pseudo-scientific quasi-religious cult created by a sadistic maniac that will brainwash you and take all your money are relatively small.

Read Dave’s blog.


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  1. teigan

    So that‘s why it took you, like, a week to get around to leaving a comment. You love me SO much you were nervous about messing it up.
    (Ahm jus’ playin DK, y’know ah love you.)
    Hey, would you like to enrol in a psychic cleansing workshop? It’s fun and it’s free!

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