I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing

But I just sent Robert Anton Wilson $23, because Douglas Rushkoff told me to.

Fnord knows, he’s fucking earned it as far as I’m concerned.


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  1. I still need to purchase ‘The Illuminatus Trilogy’
    Then a couple of months will kick around and I’ll get to reading it.

  2. teigan

    If you’re looking for a RAW book to read, I’d vigorously recommend to you Cosmic Trigger Vol 1.
    I mean, I’d recommend it to anybody. But to you in particular.

  3. Li

    The only Rushkoff book I’ve read is Cyberia which I freakin’ love! I was just beginning the journey of my rave days and it provided a very luminous imagination-track for my experiences.
    Have you read any others that you can recomend?

  4. This is the second time today I’ve had my attention directed to this. Given MLA and other plot devices currently going, he has earned my bucks too.

  5. A G

    I read ‘The Illuminatus Trilogy’ as a youngling and it really shaped the way i’ve looked at the world since.
    Thuly this is a man of brilliance. (And yes, this is the second time today i’ve been pointed to this story, too)

  6. teigan

    Li – don’t know Rushkoff’s work particularly well although he seems like a fairly switched on guy and obviously we share a lot of reference points.
    I read The Ecstacy Club a few years ago which I thought was interesting in some ways but very earnest and tryhard-y in others. It hadn’t dated very well I guess.
    RAW’s Cosmic Trigger, conversely (and to a lesser extent other works – Prometheus Rising, Quantum Psychology etc) ..
    I was going to say it rocked my world – certainly the effect it seems to have on a lot of people – but actually, it had the opposite effect; it was a rock for my world. It was invaluable in helping me to understand that I was not insane. Don’t really believe in bibles, but if I did CT would probably be mine.
    Although I still have never actually read The Illuminatus Trilogy (which suggests I’m afraid of it – so I probably should..)
    To clarify Semi’s comment, this MLA. And yes.
    I was pretty taken aback by this news. It’s clearly not any kind of scam. Having given so much, RAW – at the age of 74 – is struggling to make his rent.
    So much for karma, eh

  7. ~

    i’ve only just finished page 22 of cosmic trigger, and my mind is already begining to implode.
    Also, taygun you really should get yourself on a tram and come down here.
    Also, MIIOW!

  8. Just you wait until page 23!

  9. teigan

    jaye – what are you doing on a computer? you’re supposed to be getting drunk!

  10. The guy who wrote Prometheus Rising?
    Surely he can afford rent.

  11. teigan

    In a sane world, that would certainly be the case
    Actually, in a sane world, we wouldn’t have ridiculous contrivances like money
    But.. yeah. No, he can’t.

  12. ~

    belive it or not im multi-tasking. iz i’s |337 or wot?

  13. teigan

    \/ !5 13370rx |\/|0n @m1

  14. ~

    /\|s{}, /\/\e()\/\/!!!

  15. Totally.
    I agree with the cat noises. I thought I was the only one. Except I purr and I don’t meow. What can I say?

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