Wine Review: 2005 Rothbury Estate Chardonnay

Rothbury Estate chardonnay

This tasted quite watery to me initially; it had that sour grapey-alcohol taste one traditionally associates with wine, but in a subtle, barely-there kind of way. After a few glasses the flavour started to seem a bit more pronounced and mildly nauseating. But it was fairly drinkable overall.

Bentendo had a glass with me; he opined that it was “really sharp” and claimed he could “taste it at the front of [his] mouth”.

Its alcohol content was 12.5%. I consumed about 80% of the bottle over two and a half hours on Sunday night. By the time I was finished I would rate my level of drunkenness (zero being sober, ten being unconscious or at least blacked out) at about 4.5.

Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being definitely wine, zero being not wine at all, but something else), I would give this 9.5. It was almost unquestionably a bottle of white wine.


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2 Responses to Wine Review: 2005 Rothbury Estate Chardonnay

  1. j

    Best wine review I’ve read in a long time.
    Cheers 😉

  2. teigan

    Yer welcome. Man, I drank a nice bottle last night. Not one of the maternal dozen. I can’t remember enough about it to write a review but I might post a pic of the bottle.

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