Soiree de Semi

~‘s extraordinary invention, The Discombobulator ™ astounds and delights jaded party guests who thought they’d seen everything:

Discombobulator 1

Discombobulator 2


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16 Responses to Soiree de Semi

  1. Hope suicide tuesday ain’t being too bad to you.

  2. teigan

    Cheers. Monday evening was a bit shitty but I’m feeling better now. It was hardly a 24-hour binge.
    So, hands up who knew what Ebeneezer Goode by The Shamen was about when it came out in 1992?
    Gave me quite the turn when I happened to hear it again about five years later.. (not on the radio, strangely enough)

  3. ~

    they wernt that jaded just crunk *i think*.
    also, it’s good at ending dicey political arguments.
    also, miow.

  4. teigan

    You’re right, they were crunk. But this does not answer my kestion!

  5. As in eze are good, eze are good, ebeneezer goode? No, I never knew what that was about and still don’t 😉

  6. teigan

    Me neither, to be honest . Sounded like a bunch of gibberish to me. Silly pop music. *shrugs*
    So, about that podcast idea of yours..

  7. teigan

    In the evil (which is to say, media public relations) industry, they had a word.. something to do with certain domestic pets and high pitched noises.. I forget
    Completely ignore me, I am drunk and on drugs etc

  8. wortwut

    where’d you meet Jonathan Pryce anyway? what’s he like in real life?

  9. teigan

    Er, I intercepted a call he made to Central Services about his ducted heating. Bit ineffectual, but a lovely bloke.
    Just kidding – he was my pimp around the time of the fall of Saigon. I’d fallen in love with this American GI.. it’s a long story.
    Actually I tell a lie. Just between you and me, I brought down his evil media empire & assasinated him because he was covertly trying to start a war with China in a bid to boost his cable news network, the dastard.
    But don’t tell anyone, I could get kicked out of MI6

  10. Are you the one with the least hair, the one with the beard, or the woman?
    I’m rooting for least hair.

  11. teigan

    I’m the one behind the camera taking photos, silly.
    And the bald guy is Johnathan Pryce, apparently. He and beard man were having an increasingly heated political argument when we came along, and ~ saved the day by getting out The Discombobulator.
    Naturally, all other conversation was instantly forgotten.

  12. Jonathan Pryce the welsh actor?
    Or a different one?

  13. teigan

    Ask wortwut, it was her joke

  14. wortwut

    Jonathan Pryce the Welsh actor, holding the orange mug.
    I wish I hadn’t bothered now. Back to the peanut gallery, as my dad would say.
    Was this your birthday party Teigs?

  15. teigan

    >I wish I hadn’t bothered now.
    Well I’m glad you did. I got to be Robert de Niro, Madame Butterfly and James Bond. For a little while.
    >Was this your birthday party Teigs?
    Nah, that’s next Saturday.

  16. Yeah, that would have been the socialist contingent, ergo heated political discussion.

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