More Postal Benevolence

LJ bday package (unopened)

Surprised & delighted was I to take delivery of this package today.

LJ bday package (opened)

My birthday isn’t till the 14th (yes, as it happens I do have an Amazon wishlist), but I thought it would be alright to open the large bottles now, being pretty sure I already knew what they were:

Red Bull concentrate bottles

Thanks, toots! You rock. (Have a good flight.)


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5 Responses to More Postal Benevolence

  1. ~

    that is quite possibly, the greatest present ever… *drools*

  2. teigan

    Odd, I was just this minute thinking that what I really need now is a test subj– which is to say, someone willing to try it out for me.

  3. j

    enjoy, boys.
    (and do post the results — i’d like to know what i missed out on by being too much of a pussy to try it myself.)

  4. teigan

    >and do post the results
    Of course. One suspects they may be more interesting than the wine reviews..

  5. Jamie

    Yo gguys and girls I was wondering were you buy this redbull I got it once and havnt found it since and want to buy lots online. .. ..

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