American Guy’s Oxfam Trivia Night

My team, Custard of Lump, performed badly. For my part I was still a fair bit hungover from the previous evening.

Collective nouns trivia

But I did come away with this candelabra that looks a bit like the Fiat NOX octopus:

Candelabra at the pub

The bidding got kind of silly, but I still paid $1 less than its market value ($25). I needed a centrepiece for my mantle.

Candelabra on mantle


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4 Responses to American Guy’s Oxfam Trivia Night

  1. Plenty Of Unicorns, that’s right.

  2. teigan

    As in a unicornicopia.
    The ‘correct’ answer turned out to be a “wish” of unicorns, which is fucking gay if you ask me

  3. Adam

    Right on man, whoever wrote that quiz was stiching you guys up.
    I suppose it wasn’t A Pond Of Frogs either?

  4. teigan

    Nah, it was something else equally stupid

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