I Found A Scarf

It’s quite nice. I like it.


I encountered it on the northern fringes of the CBD late this afternoon, tied to a lamppost in the manner depicted:

Scarf tied

I hope I didn’t spoil anyone’s carefully laid plans by taking it. But if one will insist on leaving a perfectly good scarf tied to a public facility, these things will happen.


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5 Responses to I Found A Scarf

  1. it looks beautiful, where did u get the cane from?

  2. teigan

    That was a Christmas present; it was purchased at a market stall in Marakesh.

  3. I think you taking the scarf may be part of their carefully laid plans. It’s all falling into place…

  4. It is a really nice scarf, though… 🙂

  5. teigan

    But of course.

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