Time To Die, 2005



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  1. I feel so left out! *sob*
    I wonder what that booklet is under that page?? 😛

  2. >I feel so left out! *sob*
    Why? Because I *don’t* owe you thousands of words of email dating back months? That makes you exceptionally left in..

  3. So that means I get to feel left out?
    But really, I thought Teigan forgot who I was. He STILL hasn’t updated my location in his link bar even though I haven’t been in Ohio since April.
    Tsk. Tsk.

  4. Teigan,
    You know I love our little chats!
    We should Skype again sometime! And you should watch The Prisoner. 😛

  5. Anonymous

    Avery died… at least his blog did.

  6. Bob the Mediocre

    Skype good. I’ll have to see if a university connection handles it better than dsl though. Any time except after midnight may work, as that’s when my roommate returns.

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