Where Is The Neuronews?

There needs to be a blog like J‘s and my old ones, dedicated to reporting Neurocam-related news in a reliable fashion.

Over the last two weeks, two major communiques have gone out to all operatives – the first from Charles Hastings, and the second from new CEO Harriet Moore last Monday. And it appears that not a single person on my linkbar has blogged these in full. Nor have they been quoted in full on the Neuroboards.

There’s a gaping hole in the market here. Anyone want to fill it?


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5 Responses to Where Is The Neuronews?

  1. I think it’s because *everybody* got them. It would be like me posting about how if you look at clouds for long enough, they start to look like things…

  2. But it’s Neuronews, consarn it.
    Maybe I’ll just have to do it myself.. although I sort of feel like I do quite a lot already Camwise

  3. I’ll give you some news 🙁

  4. : O
    What’s the story? Can you say?

  5. Dare I take up the weighty mantle of providing first-rate Neurocam news?

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