iPod (part 2)

Fixed iPod

I finally got my battery-deficient iPod fixed. It’s like a whole new iPod. Literally. It arrived sheathed in all the exciting factory packaging I missed out on the first time around because it was purchased secondhand. “Please don’t steal music”, pleads the little slip of plastic covering the display plaintively. How sweet! You wouldn’t get that from the RIAA.


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8 Responses to iPod (part 2)

  1. I’m about to send Max to the iPod Doctor’s. Battery dodgy. I’m inconsolable.

  2. Well, it’s dodgy as hell that both of us (as well as another person I know) have had this problem – but you will get a beautiful shiny-as-new iPod in the post in about a week, which is nice. As long as they don’t send you a power adapter by mistake.

  3. I had a postcard for you but a goth traded it with me for a carton of orange juice… it was just like high school.

  4. I am still going to send you a postcard. I just haven’t had an appropriate window in my schedule lately. I was going to post a pic of my eyes too. I even bought some eyeliner, but now I’m afraid of it.

  5. I’ll do it if you do…

  6. Mmmm, boys with smudgy eyeliner. Desci needs to be alone now.

  7. Smudgy? My eyeliner is nothing short of perfect, thank you.

  8. I’m just worried about stabbing myself in the eye

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