Who The Hell Is Dan Pritchard Anyway?

Enquiring minds want to know.


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7 Responses to Who The Hell Is Dan Pritchard Anyway?

  1. I believe he’s an Irish street magician turned professional jewel theif. He has one eye and wears size 11 dunlops. He lives in Colchester Zoo in between the wolves and the gift shop.

  2. Some nice detective work there, babe.
    You should be working for us.

  3. HitsHerMark

    I dunno, does Neurocam have a stupid call center?

  4. I dunno. Try enquiries@neurocam.com – I expect they’ll be dynamic, enthusiastic and highly motivated to provide you with an exciting level of question-answering satisfaction that positively exceeds your challenging expectations.

  5. Oh and Cat – you didn’t just made that whole thing up, did you? ?

  6. …Um… sure…
    [cliche shifty eyes]

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