The Neurocouncil is tomorrow.

6:30pm, Feddish, Federation Square.

Be there.

(Then, after that – no, not directly after – Rorschach, Li, Reanimator and I are going goth clubbing.)


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  1. Quicker than you can say meme this whole idea has taken a life of its’ own, hasn’t it?

  2. Ideas are wonderful like that.

  3. I’ll be [proverbially] there!

  4. If only I knew what the HELL neurocam was, I’d be all, like, there. Le sigh.

  5. Desci – nobody knows what the hell Neurocam is. That’s a big part of its appeal. Ops only tomorrow, tho. Strictly no official identifier, no juicy neurogossip! Sorry.
    You would be most welcome come to Carmilla’s with us though, if that actually happens. Operative Li I’m sure would be enthusiastic; he finds you fascinating. Did I tell you that? I made you a fan. So you OWE ME! (nb not really)
    Adam – I look forward to meeting you in spirit.

  6. Teigan’s going clubbing. And I got a job! What happened? The world is suddenly upside down.

  7. Li

    Thanks for putting the word in Teigs, but apparently she’s taken. That is, if you believe a word on her blog. Personally I think she’s a pathological liar. Of course, she’d be welcome to meet me to defend herself against my libel …at a restaurant of her choice.

  8. Just coz she’s got a boyf doesn’t mean you can’t find her fascinating..
    Hi Elmo!

  9. Desci

    Well, fine then! I don’t wanna go to your stupid meeting anyway! coz it’s just stupid, like all of you stupids! *kicks the ground and sulks off*
    Li – You know what? you’re alright. xo

  10. And I’m not alright anymore? *sulks*
    So unfair. We’re a mysterious secret society! We can’t just let anyone show up to our incredibly mysterious and secret public gathering.

  11. Li

    >Li – You know what? you’re alright. xo

  12. Don’t get too excited. She says that to all the blogboys.
    You coming tonight? Perhaps we could duke it out.

  13. We never did have that Fight Club encounter we were talking about..

  14. Li

    Oh I wasn’t excited, I just thought a blush could help her self esteem. I’m probably far too good for her, but she doesn’t need to know that.
    Still may come tonight, i need to see if my car is back from the shop. It’s been over-heating, like Desci would if she were standing next to me.
    Oh I deserve a slap.

  15. Li

    And a fight club encounter sounds good, although i’m deathly afraid of pain.
    We should probably fight in big fat sumo suits. I’ll look into it.

  16. Yes, like Tim Curry & Bill Murray in Charlie’s Angels! That would be awesome. Please make the arrangements.
    Overcoming your deathly fear of pain is of course one of the primary objects of the exercise. That and figuring out which of us is more unrequitedly in love with Desci.

  17. Great Britain Hotel, Richmond; Wednesday night is Sumo night…oh, that’s tonight. Come all ‘Cammers to the first annual Neurocouncil and Operative deathmatch. Teigan vs. Li, in fatsuits.

  18. Teigan – you know you’re numero uno. And Li, you need a slap with a duking glove!
    Also, this just in: Desci Actually Not As Hot As You May Think.
    Keeses to you both, nonetheless.

  19. I’m numero uno!
    In your FACE, Han.
    >Also, this just in: Desci Actually Not As Hot As You
    >May Think.

    Really? Hm. You may have to furnish evidence of this, I’m not sure I believe you.

  20. Li

    What can I say, the better man won.
    Not the first time I’ve muttered those words.

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