Okay, I Don’t Think This Is Flu Anymore

I take reasonably good care of myself. I exercise most days. I eat pretty well. I sleep eight hours most nights. I don’t regularly drink very much, or indulge in any other seriously health-compromising behaviours, with the sole exception of smoking about sixty gazillion cigarettes a day.

So WHY, for the last five months or so, have I woken up, every single morning, feeling like someone has kicked me in the fucking head?

Xade will call me a whiner. I don’t care. I’ve really had enough of it.


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11 Responses to Okay, I Don’t Think This Is Flu Anymore

  1. It’s because at 4am every morning, I kick you in the head.
    Sorry dude, I just had to come clean.

  2. Li

    Perhaps you’re not waking up to Koshy’s brand of annoying pseudo-charisma as much as you should be. Maybe then instead of feeling like you’ve been kicked, you’ll instead feel the need to kick.
    It’s too early.

  3. Chesh – I knew it! Y’bastid.
    Who is Koshi?

  4. The whole concept of breakfast television incites violence in me. Thanks for the referral!

  5. lady j

    Nothing to do with those sixty gazillion cigarettes a day, I’m sure.

  6. xade will think you’re a whiner? Have you seen his post yesterday?
    “I cut my thumb! Wah wah wah…” ; )
    You have nothing to worry abot from him…

  7. But.. but.. I’ve been smoking sixty gazillion cigarettes a day for like, ten years, and… and maybe you have a point. But generally when I’ve been smoking too much (tobacco, that is) I feel like I’ve been kicked in the lungs, not the head.
    Which reminds me.. I want some fucking weed.
    Like, really goddamn badly.
    I’ve got to figure out some way to score in this town.

  8. This last remark will attract “you’re your own worst enemy” type-sentiments, but I swear when I was a stoner I didn’t ever used to wake up feeling this bad. Maybe it’s prolonged withdrawral.
    That’s my theory, and I’m stickin’ to it.

  9. See, I’m gunna blame it on the thumb.
    What happened to your thumb anyways?

  10. The nail rotted, because I suck it compulsively due to horrific childhood trauma which has frozen me at the mental age of a five-year-old.
    That took me all of 15 seconds. I timed it. If I were someone else, I would give me a prize for that.
    What’s happening tomorrow? Email me, beyatch.

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