Everyone’s Too Stupid

Help The Cat come up with an album title.

Constance is strongly encouraged to comment on this post. I will then wildly over-react to her contribution, totally regardless of how valid or sensible it may be, and, when she calls me on it, deny that I am annoyed, claiming she is “making assumptions about my emotional state”. After that, she may get mildly snarky, and I will tell her to “lay off”, and suggest that the thread has become “retarded” and that this is her fault. She may then accuse me of being on crack, and I will delete the entire post, so as to definitively have the last word.

Then, perhaps, we will both realise how silly we have been, kiss (virtually, of course), make up and be friends again.

That is what I hope will happen.

UPDATE – I include myself in the above statement.


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3 Responses to Everyone’s Too Stupid

  1. Golly — The woman shows a little bush on her blog and you go totally gaga.

  2. I’m not interested in her bush; only her friendship and her good opinion, which I seem to have lost for reasons which remain less than entirely clear.
    Maybe I never had them. Maybe I am a deluded fool.
    Who knows.

  3. I have pics of nekkid dog bush that may make you feel better. It’s not A-grade material though so you’ll have to consider it a downpayment 🙂

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