Scientology’s Melbourne HQ Are Hiring!

I wonder if Bridget or Charles would give me a reference.

Scientology's Melbourne HQ


(Actually, I’m sure working for the Scienos – except, perhaps, in an authorised infiltratory capacity – would be in breach of my contract.)


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  1. LI

    “To find out what Scientology┬« services can offer you, come into the church and take a tour, see an introductory film, or take a personality test.”
    Hey, free film! Beats Tight-Arse-Tuesday anyday!

  2. Some of their informational films are an absolute hoot. They can all be found online, of course. (What can’t, these days?)

  3. A former roommate of mine once worked a summer job at the Scientology Celebrity Center in New York, even though he wasn’t a Scientologist. Even though he had access to nominal discounts on entry-level programs, he was generally just creeped out and quit after a while.

  4. That’s interesting. I’m surprised that they genuinely do employ outsiders. To what extent did he feel pressured to get more involved in the church whilst working there?

  5. I don’t think we have anything Scientology like over here. I might start up my own branch.
    …to hell with it, i’m going to start my own religion. Be sure to buy ALL of the books.

  6. Scientology are everywhere. There is no escape.
    You should definitely start your own religion, though. I’m really big on encouraging folks to do this. I think it’s a great hobby for young people. And potentially very lucrative.
    I am too lazy to do start one myself, though. Hell, I’m too lazy even to cook dinner. I was gonna do a roast tonight, just for a laff, coz I have access to this great big kitchen and everything. But it’s 10:20pm now and it’s starting to seem like a stupid idea.
    Who cares about dinner? It’s trivial.
    If I don’t get some marijuana soon, I shall die.
    Did you know that? Do you care? Does anyone care?

  7. I care, Teigs.
    I’m in the same boat.

  8. How incredibly painful and frustrating that must be.

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