This Week Has Been Crap

Well, it has. Not crap as in terrible, just crap as in nyeh. Total non-week. Except for Monday evening’s little Neuroventure, that was frikken awesome. Only interesting thing that’s happened all week. Pretty much getting on for the only thing I’ve done all week, of any note.

I went to the Henson exhibition again today. Well worth a second go. It’s great. No posters for sale! Must be a rights thing. Sucks.

I am still somewhat ill. It’s very tiresome.

I am going clothes shopping tomorrow. I hate clothes shopping. I find it almost impossible, especially in my current incarnation. But society (and the weather.. brr) dictates that one must have clothes.

The things I go through for you, The World.

Whoo, grumpy post.

I do have some good news. Remember how I wanted to work in a cinema? Well, I have an interview at the Jam Factory Village on Chapel Street on Monday. It’s certainly not my dream cinema job (I still fancy the Astor.. or the Nova.. mmm.. Nova..) but it’s a step in the right direction. And god knows, it would be a hell of a fuckload better than my present ‘job’.

They rang me up out of nowhere and did a preliminary interview over the phone whilst I was en route to the airport last Friday, which was kind of startling. Apparently I did alright though. In a way it was better than a conventional job interview (ie one you know about in advance) because I didn’t have time to get nervous.

What else?

I had this post on the launchpad about The Magus which is kind of grumpy too, so I might just drop it in here and have a great big ol’ grumpfest but actually.. nah, I’ll save it for tomorrow. Why not finish out the week in high grumpin’ style? It’s my blog, goddamnit.

Whatever, I’ll do what I want etc.

Here is a picture of Gwen Stefani:

Toilet + Gwen


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2 Responses to This Week Has Been Crap

  1. Li

    Oh man, do I hate clothes shopping! I wear the same clothes over and over again, which my friends simply know as my uniform. Underwear is a particular achilles heel, I have socks that have more holes than actual sock.
    I have actually turned down nights out with people that I really wanted to see, simply because I didn’t have any clothes. I’m not poor or destitute or anything, I have shit loads of money, too much in fact; I’ve saved a $1.87 so far this year. I just hate shopping for clothes.

  2. I hear yer.
    Well, I got some. Usually I have all sorts of ideas about the kind of clothes I want when I attempt foolishly to go shopping for clothes but I seem to have given up on those. I didn’t even know what I wanted except in the most functional sense.
    But I got some, which is a result as far as I’m concerned.
    I wonder what I would do if I had $1.87.. *dreams, pleasantly*

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