*aaatch..* Avery, Xul & Urik; Fischer in LA; Moncrief Full Of Shit: Zelle; Vale Aliask and Assignment 5555/01 *..hoo!!*

Been very slack on the bloggage front of late; touch of flu and not much worth reporting. Apologies.

Everything looks exceptionally hazy in Camland at present. The Neurowiki (Wikicam?) appears to be coming along nicely but if its objective is to serve as a source for accurate info, I kind of wonder if it isn’t a doomed project. As is the case more often than not, the line between fact and fiction’s so blurry right now that the distinction seems almost irrelevant.

Avery‘s supposedly arrived here in Melbourne. But with his previous post he seems to have warped into the Xulosphere. (Hi Avery, if you’re reading this and you really are in town. Feel free to invalidate my skepticism.)

Meanwhile I – and presumably others – have received a mail purportedly from Xul’s associate Urik, advising that Mr. Solar has gone into hiding and ceased all internet communications, although he remains “in excellent physical and mental health”. Which is reassuring.

I’ve lodged an enquiry regarding Midnight‘s claims about Fischer’s trip to LA. His latest entry, quoting a mail from Madeline Khan, suggests that there is genuinely something going down there, even if it is just more smoke and, y’know, mirrors.

Gertrude Zelle has told tobyesterhase aka Operative Cronin that Marc Moncrief’s legendary Age article, responsible for introducing many a Melbourne operative (including this one) to the ‘Cam, is “a potentially slanderous fiction, complied by him from half-truths, materials of questionable veracity and blatant lies.” Cronin intends to contact Moncrief about this accusation, which might prove interesting.

In other news, one of my local neuroblogging contemporaries, Aliask (Perception Assessment class of January 3rd – here’s his, here’s a mine.. ah, the good old days etc) has retired; apparently he couldn’t be arsed with Assignment 5555/01, and I don’t think he’s the only one.

But, good little operative that I am, I faithfully completed the bulk of mine on Friday; hopefully I’ll be able to finish it off on Tuesday.

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3 Responses to *aaatch..* Avery, Xul & Urik; Fischer in LA; Moncrief Full Of Shit: Zelle; Vale Aliask and Assignment 5555/01 *..hoo!!*

  1. As I’ve said before, not that fact or fiction mean much; Madeline Khan’s email footer on Midnights’s post is *not* the same as the footer I received when I *actually* received email from her.

  2. Knight said very similar things about the Moncrief article.

  3. Simon – must have missed that one; when and to whom?
    Reanimator – the Khan email is genuine, see next post. And check out Midnight’s latest; I was all raised eyebrows before, but I’m now inclined to think he’s for real..

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