There’s Nothing Like Procrastination For Getting Things Done

Breakfast raw Breakfast cooking breakfastcooked

I bounced out of bed at 6:30am this morning. I’ve done cardio at the gym, gotten myself a haircut, done a few miscellaneous errands, made and consumed a novelty cooked breakfast (pictured, above), had a driving lesson, and done a load of warsh (pictured, below). And taken some pictures and blogged them, self-evidently enough. And it’s only just gone 1:30pm! Can this frenetic pace be maintained? Will the momentum of this morning’s industry carry me through the dreaded but highly necessary CV-rejiggage scheduled for this afternoon? Stay tuned! (Or don’t! See if I care! Screw you, hypothetical reader; hope you die!)

(Not really.)

Washing machine Dryer

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