Cardoza Axed

Respected NYC operative Avery Cardoza has been unceremoniously dumped. Avery – who’ll hopefully continue to blog in some form – has now provided a bit of eyebrow-raising background to his Neurodismissal.

Seems Cardoza Investigations was assisting former Human Resources Security head Maxwell Knight with some kind of internal sleuthing exercise. Avery quotes a mail to him from Maxwell dated April 16th:

Regarding the fruits of my investigation, I will contact you with the results following my meeting with senior management of Monday April 18, 2005. I do, however, have high hopes of unmasking the Judas who lurks within our midst.

It was presumably at this meeting that Maxwell ‘resigned‘.


UPDATE: Conchis is back online, admitting that his blogjacking by Circle De Luce was a hoax designed to test the integrity of the Cam’s Jack Sampson. He offers some possible insight into Maxgate.

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