(Almost) Everybody Hates Gertrude Zelle

Known blogging operatives who have reported receiving bitchy email responses from Gertrude Zelle: Another Operative; Elmo; Gigabane; tobyesterhase; Roger That and Exodus (although he was probably asking for it).

Reanimator reports contact with another previously unknown Neurocam staffer – Bridget Fischer’s assistant, Madeline Kahn (presumably not this Madeline Kahn, who is dead).


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2 Responses to (Almost) Everybody Hates Gertrude Zelle

  1. Yeah, I was asking for it, she is still a bitch, though.

  2. Dare I probe for any significance to these Neurocam staff? I wont reveal exactly what I asked of Ms. Fischer, but my request to her was replied to by her concise but not too terse assistant. I think I’ll let it alone for a while and see where it leads, if anywhere. Almost all of us here are using pseudonyms or avatars of some sort, there’s plenty to learn from each other’s identities as much as Management’s.

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