Dam @ Commonground

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Sara Making Assange Banner At Commonground

Ben + Sara making Assange banner @ Commonground

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Window of my hut at Commonground

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Greetings From Tallarook

So I didn’t get the backlog killed before I left. Not even close. But hey, I’ve made ground! (*eyeroll*)

And now I’m out here, I realise the whole thing probably doesn’t matter as much as I thought it did. There are, I guess, conceivably worse things than confronting the mythical apocalypse with a chaotic media archive and a delinquent blog.

First view of CG Fest proper

CG Fest was good, although I spent most of it sloughing off accumulated stress and sleep deprivation.

Ox Montalvo + The Truck + contraband gas stove

Maybe it’s just the delirium, but I’m quite unreasonably thrilled by the fact that my home for the next week and a half is this hut, whose previous occupant over the weekend was none other than Ella Hooper:

My hut at Commonground

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Nang Party At CH The Night Before Leaving For Commonground

It was all Hugh’s idea. (I didn’t actually do any, believe it or not. But many were done.)

(Notes from this eve.)

Nang Party

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Wikileaks US Consulate Sit-In IV

Monday, 26th November.

Best. (Previously, previouser, previest.)

FB photo album. Compilation of my videos (and one of Moo’s):

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I Cannot Deny That This Whole Mayan Apocalypse Thing Is Really Messing With Me

I mean, I never seriously believed that the world would end on December 21st 2012 or anything.

But I now realise that, just quietly, for the last ten-odd years I have been pretty much operating on the basis that the world will end on December 21st 2012. Ain’t nothing after that.

I guess we’ll see what happens.

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(Commonground, if you were wondering, is this place.

I’m thinking about moving there.

They’re having a festival next weekend. You should totally come.)

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Scott Day Melbourne Convergence 2012

Carina, Scott & Kenji on Elizabeth St


(FB event, giving some context.)

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Pyro’s Doof Under Hoddle Bridge

Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th November.

Pyro's Doof Under Hoddle Bridge

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Scones From Dan Cross

Did I mention that Dan became the new co-resident of Chez Hagakure about a month ago? Well, he did. It’s good 🙂

(The commencement of CH Cohabitative Arrangement VII was celebrated with an official housewarming on Saturday October 27th. But for whatever reason – partly because I was still recovering mentally from this – no notable media was captured of that event. Ergo no specific blogpost.)

Scones from Dan Cross

Viva la Crossman.

(Previously, lol.)

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Blog, You’re Fucking Torturing Me

This #$% backlog is proving so. fucking. hard. to make myself clear.

Hate. #AvoidanceDeadlockHell #RidiculousSelfCreatedProblems

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First Week Of November

Apart from notes, no media exists from the first week of November except – randomly enough – this photo of a balloon inscribed by Yohan at Varun’s birthday dinner thing at Yong Green Food on Brunswick St on Wednesday the 7th:

Varun's Birthday Balloon

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Wikileaks US Consulate Sit-In III

Friday, 26th October.

(Previously; previouslyer.)

It’s always about upping the ante – but due to unforseen circumstances, this one wound up being an unexpectedly massive clusterfuck.

WACA press release. Herald Sun coverage.

Bedlam’s vid of the main action:

Compilation of videos I shot in the Consulate lobby (my phone ran out of space just before we got dragged out):

FB post alluding to what happened after that:

And to close with some comic relief, here’s a video of Brother Lutz getting threatened with arrest out the front of the building for being an enemy of the state dropping a cigarette butt:

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Eviction Anniversary

FB photo album / photo archive.

OM Eviction Anniversary

Some videos that I shot.


One year ago.


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